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Friday, October 12, 2018

Falling Over Sideways by Jordan Sonnenblick

Reviewed By: jtr4

Falling Over Sideways is the story of Claire, a typical middle-schooler who studies dance, plays saxophone in band, and gets caught up in typical teen mini-dramas. But her life gets turned upside down when her father, a famous children's author, suddenly has a stroke right in front of her. Claire has to adjust to her father's inability to do even the most basic things for himself, let alone write his novels. The story of Claire's evolving relationships with her family and friends, and even her nemeses at school, is written in an engaging, light-hearted tone that makes for a enjoyable, fast-paced read.

Why I Picked It Up: We are reading this book for Roselle Middle School's Chat Pack book discussion.

Why I Finished It: It's a compelling story that treats the serious subject of strokes with a lot of good-natured warmth and sensitivity.

I’d Give This Book To: I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys slice of life family dramas with a teen focus.

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