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Teens Review Teen Lit

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Reviewed By: J.P.

Aragon lives in a small town by the spine mountain range. While hunting in the spine Aragon find an egg, he brings it home, and one night it hatches into a dragon. He hurries her off to the woods, the spine, to hide her from his family, but she grows, and he worries how he will hide her. After coming back from a wild flight he finds his home burned down, and his uncle dead. He decides to join the Varden with his dragon, and running away from the Empire encounters many dangers, but after a tragedy will he and Saphira, his dragon, be able to survive?

Why I Picked It Up: I found the book on my brother's bookshelf and he said it was good.

Why I Finished It: I liked the beginning and wanted to see how it ended.

I’d Give This Book To: Anyone who likes books.

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