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Friday, February 16, 2018

A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen

Reviewed By: C.S.

This is a story about about a girl named Greta and her family living in Germany during the cold war when Germany was divided into east and west. Her dad went over to the west side to look for work and was unable to return, this made it very difficult and dangerous for her, and her mother and brother Fritz. Her brother is of the age when he is to join the Stasi, which he does not want. They decide to tunnel to the west to escape his fate, but how to do it without getting caught...

Why I Picked It Up: My parents had been to Germany, and Poland and saw the hardships. We have been to the Newseum in Washington D.C. and saw a section of the actual wall and videos about it. I found it very interesting.

Why I Finished It: It was an exciting story, and I wanted to know if they make it across the death strip and are all reunited.

I’d Give This Book To: Teens who want to learn about history in a relatable way, some parts are too intense for younger kids.

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