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Friday, March 13, 2015

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Reviewed By: T.S.
Amy and her family are sent to go on a spaceship that will travel to a new planet that humans will live on in hundreds of years. But Amy wakes up early from her chamber, and has to find out who woke her up and who is going to wake up next, with the help of the people already on the ship. Elder and Harley help her, but Eldest, the leader, wants to get rid of her.  Will they succeed?  Will Amy figure out who was trying to kill her by waking her up early?  Read the book to find out!!
Why I Picked it Up: I picked it up because it looked interesting.
Why I Finished It: I finished it because it WAS interesting!
I’d Give this Book To: A lot of awesome people. (like sci-fi fans, and people who like space travel)

**Librarian Side Note** I love this review!  Short, to the point, and they aren't wrong in their recommendation.  I was a big fan of this series, and I've been seeing a lot more space related/space travel books out there lately.  If you like a bit of mystery mixed in with your science fiction fantasy, then this series is perfect for you!!  Don't worry, the Library owns all the books in the series :).  Also, a shout out to Chat Pack members!!  This book is the Chat Pack pick for our April meeting!

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