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Friday, February 13, 2015

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Reviewed By: A.T.
Where to start... So the main character is named Theseus Cassio Lowood, but his friends just call him Cas. He, like his father before him, is a slayer of ghosts. With his trusty athame (a special knife), he travels around the world with his mother (he is only 16 after all!) dispatching ghosts that harm people. Where he sends them, he's not quite sure, but wherever they go, at least they can no longer hurt people who are alive. As soon as he finishes one ghost, it's off to the next. Receiving hints and leads from people all over the world, his next stop is Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada to stop the ghost known to locals as Anna Dressed in Blood. Right from the start, Cas can tell this one is different, but he won't realize how different until he is neck deep in hunt. Bringing in his new friends to help him is also something new to him, but luckily they are there to help him with Anna. But is Anna really the ghost that they need to stop?? Is the terror in Thunder Bay really all due to Anna, or is there some other sinister force at play?? Read the book to find out!
Why I Picked it Up: The cover is intriguing, and I haven't read a horror story in a while. Hilariously enough, I wanted to read something the complete opposite of a romance (since Valentine's day is coming up) and this actually turned out to be a Horror/Romance/Ghost story!
Why I Finished It: Had to know what the big deal was about! Would Cas be able to get rid of Anna? What about the ghost that killed his dad? Would all of his new friends survive the encounter?
I’d Give this Book To: I would recommend this to fans of horror, paranormal fantasy, and anyone looking for a good ghost story!

**Librarian Side Note** First in a series, I found this book to be a refreshing change on the paranormal romance story - a person and a GHOST! I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, called Girl of Nightmares, and yes, the Library does own it!

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