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Friday, October 24, 2014

The 100 by Kass Morgan

Reviewed By: A.T.
Right from the beginning, this book had me hooked. Space colonies, criminals, the planet being unable to sustain life because of a war 300 years ago, what more could you ask for. The book focuses on just 4 characters: two girls, Clarke and Glass (fun names, huh?) and two boys, Bellamy and Wells. Through the point of view of these three characters you get a full idea of life on the space colony and how they got to where they are today. While some of them start off being sent to Earth as test subjects to see if the planet is once again habitable, 100 teenagers to be exact (hence the name of the book!), others stay behind on the ship that is getting close to making it last orbit totally oblivious to the impending demise of the ship and the 100 who may be their last hope. Will they survive the trip to Earth and avoid any lingering radiation? Will everyone be able to once again roam the fields and mountains of the planet we call home? Read the book to find out!
Why I Picked it Up: I had downloaded it a while back and I was curious what all the buzz was about since it was made into a TV series. Also, I had the second book too, so I knew if I liked it I wouldn’t have to wait forever to see what happens next!
Why I Finished It: I’m a big fan of sci-fi, and I liked the premise of this book. It’s crazy to think about nuclear winter and the idea that the planet could become uninhabitable if just a few people in high places decided it would be a good idea to release nuclear weapons on the world again.
I’d Give this Book To: I would recommend this to sci-fi fans and readers who like a dystopian future with a hint of hope.

**Librarian Side Note** As I mentioned above this book was made into a TV show on the CW. I haven’t watched much of it, but what I have seen, it looks like it only follows the book loosely, so don’t use the TV show as a substitute! Read the book, compare, and let me know what you think. As you all know, the book is ALWAYS better. Happy reading!

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