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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison

Reviewed By: M.S.
Lo is your typical average teenager who's a junior in high school looking for adventure with a little twist; she has an obsession with tapping and numbers that she can't live without and was witness to murder. When she finds out the next morning that the house she hid behind when exploring was the house where she saw the bullet and heard the shot she knew she couldn't let this go. A couple days later she finds some items of the murder girl's at a flea market and gets some warning signs knowing if she doesn't find the murderer soon, he'll find her. Kate Ellison sets up this book with a perfect balance of mystery, love story, and sympathy for Lo. If you have never read a mystery before, this is an AWESOME book to start with.
Why I Picked it Up: It was on my Read for a Lifetime list at school and I was curious since I have never read a mystery before.
Why I Finished It: It's impossible not wanting to finish it. I was literally begging my mom 5 more minutes everyday before we would have to leave somewhere or before I had to go to bed.
I’d Give this Book To: Everyone! Especially if you have never read a mystery book or if you're like me, somebody who loves to read fiction. It takes you out of the constant pattern of fiction or fantasy books and takes you into a whole new world of reading. PLEASE READ IT!!!!

**Librarian Side Note** So I read this book after reading the review, and I must say, I totally agree with the review. I had to finish it, and I had to finish it quickly! Good mystery, and it really makes you think about what Lo has to go through everyday just to get through the day.

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