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Friday, June 21, 2013

Gulp by Mary Roach

Reviewed By: A.T.
This book is a hilarious look at the path our food travels, starting from the mouth and your nose (apparently smell has a lot to do with how we taste) all the way to the end of the line (and you know what I mean)! This author does a great, indepth job of asking all the questions that are too taboo to ask, and even some that we may never have thought to ask. There are chapters on smelling (Nose job: tasting has little to do with taste), flatulence or farts (Smelling a rat: does noxious flatus do more than clear a room?), and even questions about the King himself (I'm all stopped up: Elvis Presley's megacolon, and other ruminations on death by constipation) as you travel through the alimentary canal with this excellent book.
Why I Picked it Up: I have read everything this author has ever written, including the articles she writes for Reader's Digest! I have been waiting for her next book to come out for years, and now it's finally here!!
Why I Finished It: Once you pick up one of her books, you can't stop! She explores everything on the topic, and nothing is sacred when it comes to her research. Plus, I love the way she puts footnotes in her books. She finds so much interesting info that she just has to share it.
I’d Give this Book To: Everyone! It may seem like a weird topic to read about, but Mary Roach makes everything easy to understand and funny at the same time.

**Librarian Side Note** While this is technically an "adult" author, many of her other books have great YA crossover appeal. For instance, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, is actually located in the YA nonfiction section, and I was introduced to her as a YA author. You might also enjoy her book Spook: Science Tackels the Afterlife. Check her out today!

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