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Friday, May 3, 2013

Before I Die by Jenny Downham

Reviewed By: M.S.
16 year old Tessa has a few months to live, since she's battling with cancer, but she has so much she still wants to do. So she has a list of everything she wants to do before she dies, number one being sex and going on till number 12. But things don't all go the way she wants them to be and things get in the way such as parents, friends, and love. Will she be able to complete all the things she wants before it's too late?
Why I Picked it Up: It was on my read for a lifetime list for school and the title grabbed my attention.
Why I Finished It: It's really hard not to finish this book!! I couldn't believe how drawn in I was just from the first chapter. To say it simply, I was hooked. The story wants you to read every chance you have and not to ever put it down.
I’d Give this Book To: I would highly recommend this book to more mature teens for the content in the book is a little graphic and their is some swearing. But otherwise the book is just fantastic!!!


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