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Friday, May 31, 2013

5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Reviewed By: L.F.
Are they waiting for the 5th wave? When will it come? Cassie is a survivor, trying to reunite with her younger brother Sammy, after he is taken (presumably) to a safe zone called Camp Haven. Evan is a Silencer who finds out he really can't always do his job. Ben/Zombie is a leader who finds out the truth. How all these characters' stories intersect tells the REAL story of the 5th wave.
Why I Picked it Up: I read a review in the free mag/paper Bookpage. It is a free publication available at the library. The write up was interesting.
Why I Finished It: Since there were so many story lines, it was like reading many short stories all at the same tome and it always left you wondering: What happens next?
I’d Give this Book To: Everybody -guys and gals.Lots of action,heroes and heroines, set in the "future". Many twists and turns to keep your interest. If you grooved on Hunger Games you'll want to try Yancey's "5th Wave."

**Librarian Side Note** Did you think the author's name sounds familiar? That's because Rick Yancey is the author of the Monstrumologist series, and the Alfred Kropp series, both of which you can find in the YA section here at the Library! Also, the first book in the Monstrumologist series was on the Abraham Lincoln Award Nominee list from 2013, and I even did a review for it HERE from last August - scroll down to August 17th to find it!.

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