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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass

Reviewed By: M.B.
I liked reading this book because a big part of it surrounds a cat. I'm a HUGE cat lady (in progress). Also, I'm alright with sad endings, but I cried quite a bit. It tells a great story about a young girl and how she goes through life with a disease she has kept to herself. And, as she goes along the way, she finds that she isn't so different after all .
Why I Picked it Up: I picked this book up because my teacher required us to rent a book that we hadn't ever heard of from our school library. My friend Anika recommended this book to me, and I loved it.
Why I Finished It: I finished this book because if I don't finish it, I feel like I haven't accomplished anything, or I haven't learned what the moral was.
I’d Give this Book To: I would recommend this book to anyone who is OK with reading sad stories, or anyone who is interested in reading about other people's life stories and issues.


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