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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Wrinkle In Time: The Graphic Novel (Adapted and Illustrated by Hope Larson)

Reviewed By: A.T.
First off, if you have never read the book A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle, I highly recommend it. However, if you're not really the "reading" type, then I have have just the solution for you...a Graphic Novel!! The book starts off by introducing you to Meg Murry and her family. First there's Meg, the oldest and most frustrated of the Murry family (why can't she just be normal?!?), and there's her littlest brother Charles Wallace, who always seems to know just what she's thinking or just what she needs. Next there are her twin brothers Sandy and Dennys, the "normal" family members. And finally you meet her mother, a beautiful scientist. However, the whole family is not complete because their father, another scientist, has been missing for the past year. And then we get to the good part of the story. Meg, Charles Wallace, and boy from Meg's school must use their strengths to help rescue Meg's father from a faraway place. Will they be able to save him in time? Will their wild trip into the great unknown be enough?
Why I Picked it Up: I LOVE this book! I have read it several times (and I'm not really a re-reader...) and I thought I should pick it up to see how closely it follows the orginal text.
Why I Finished It: At first, I wasn't sure about the adaptation, but after I got past the first few pages, I was hooked, just like when I read the book for the first time.
I’d Give this Book To: Anyone who likes a little sci-fi with their fantasy.

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