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Friday, June 15, 2012

Candy Bomber by Michael O. Tunnell

Reviewed By: C.W.
This book is about Lt. Gail S. Halvorsen and takes place after WWII is over. During a tour of the bombed out city of West Berlin, Germany, he found children out at the airport just watching the airplanes. Lt. Halvorsen gave them some gum and said he would drop more candy out of his plane for everyone the next day. This became very popular and he ended up starting Operation Little Vittles. This organization brought candy to so many people and it got so big that he had to bring in lots of people to help. He also got a lot of "fan mail" from the kids that were getting the candy.
Why I Picked it Up: I picked it up because it sounded like a good book.
Why I Finished It: I finished it bceause it was very interesting.
I’d Give this Book To: I would give this book to a friend at school who loves talking about airplanes.


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