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Friday, February 24, 2012

What Happened to Goodbye By Sarah Dessen

Reviewed By: M.S.
The book follows high school student McLean Sweet who has moved to four towns in the last two years because of her parents' horrible divorce. It shook her up pretty bad and each new town she became a different person, changing her name and her personality. But now in the newest town McLean just wants to stay put for once and actually be who she is. But who is she? Maybe Dave, the next door neighbor, can help her figure out her real self. This book is a little romance but a lot of interesting events happen in it that you just want to find out what happens next. A real page turner.

Why I Picked it Up: It was part of a school reading event we have and my friend told me it was a really great read.

Why I Finished It: The book begs you to finish. So many things happen at once you need to know how each one ends. What will happen between Dave and McLean? Will she move again? Etc.

I’d Give this Book To: I would have to say probably girls mostly but I welcome anyone who's looking for a great read. The romance in there though is the romance girls love and most guys sometimes hate but there's very little of it so guys may enjoy it.


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