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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Hunt of the Unicorn By C.C. Humphries

Reviewed By: M.C.
15 year old Elayne doesn’t believe in fairytales anymore, especially her family’s “history” about a magical land called Goloth and a unicorn. But after being summoned from her New York City home to Goloth by a desperate unicorn, Elayne has to accept her destiny and overthrow the charming, tyrant, king-to-be. Everyone there has different plans for her, but only Elayne can choose which one to fulfill…before it’s too late to help the unicorn and save her father AND avoid becoming dinner!

Why I Picked it Up: The cover showing the teenage girl holding on tight to the unicorn made me eager to discover how she got there in the first place!

Why I Finished It: It was VERY mysterious and full of action that I just needed to find out what happened!

I’d Give this Book To: Anyone, but I would recommend it to teenage girls mostly.


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