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Friday, February 17, 2012

Hex Hall By Rachel Hawkins

Reviewed By: T.B.

Sophie Mereer is a witch who lives with her non-witch mom and she has never known her dad (who happens to be a warlock). After exposing her powers in every school she’s ever been to, she gets sent to Hecate Hall, a school for witches, warlocks, shape-shifters, faeries, and vampires. She is introduced to some not so nice students and is rooming with the only vampire student in the school. Following the near death of two students, everyone suspects Jenna (the only vampire). Since Jenna is basically her only friend at Hecate, Sophie tries to prove she is innocent, but no one listens to her.

Meanwhile, Sophie learns about her ancestors and meets her great grandma’s ghost. Sophie learns that her great grandma (Alice) was given powers, but no one knows exactly how she got them. Then, Alice begins giving Sophie magic lessons at night. After trying to prove Jenna is innocent, she learns mare and more about Alice and her classmates, especially Elodie and a boy named Archer.

Why I Picked it Up: It was recommended by a friend.

Why I Finished It: I liked the storyline and the suspense kept me reading. I would rate it a 10 of 10 because I enjoyed the storyline and each character’s personality.

I’d Give this Book To: Anyone that likes mystery and supernatural events.


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