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Friday, February 27, 2015

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Reviewed By: C.R.
Fangirl is about Cath. A average fan girl who loves to write fan fiction and enjoys being in the life of 100% nerd. So, now she is 18 and she has to head off to college. She doesn't enjoy being around other people except her family. But now she is at college and meets this guy named Levi. She does find her self dreaming about him. How can he be so bad? He enjoys her fan fiction and loves her for who she is.
Why I Picked it Up: I picked it up based on the title. I consider myself a fan girl and I thought that I may be able to relate to this main character. I did relate to her throughout the story in some parts, but some moments I didn't relate. However, the author Rainbow Rowell writes amazing adult and young adult novels.
Why I Finished It: This story just made me want to cuddle up in bed and never leave. The story itself was amazing and I wanted to know what happens. I am still upset that there aren't any sequels at all yet.
I’d Give this Book To: To people that like realistic fiction. The reason is that it isn't fantasy or anything action. But a story that is loving and really enjoyable.

**Librarian Side Note** I am a big fan of the author Rainbow Rowell, and I have really enjoyed the books I have read by her. This, unfortunately, is not one of them, but after reading this review, and hearing many other people talk about how much they liked this book I can't wait to check this out!!  And if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend my older readers to check out Eleanor & Park.  It is on this year's 2015 Abraham Lincoln Award Nominee list, and we have several copies as well as the audiobook, so no excuses, check it out today!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Teardrop by Lauren Kate

Reviewed By: N.B.
Eureka was a normal girl with a loving mother by her side every step of the way; telling her all the secrets of her life. But now that has changed, and as more secrets seem to be reveled, she knows less and less about the secret her mother (Diana) had kept from her. The only friends Eureka has left now are Brooks her oldest friend, and Cat who has way to many expectations on which guy is for her. And then there's the strange boy who seems to take Eureka's breath away every time she sees him.  Ander is a mysterious boy she had never seen before, but seems to be always around her. Seeing the truth on what really is happening and what will soon await her future life, because "everything you love can be washed away"...
Why I Picked it Up: I saw a ad in a magazine and it looked very interesting. I also picked it up because Lauren Kate's previous series was breath taking, and this one blew me far out.
Why I Finished It: I finished the book because love stories are really something to read about. And the way the author wrote it was just astonishing to read. The book showed so many different emotions and how life is after a love ones death. Plus that great personality of a classic teenage girl, trying to pickup where she stopped.
I’d Give this Book To: I recommend this to anyone who liked the Fallen series, and generally anyone into romantic novels. Also anyone who loves adventure and mysteries of the untold stories of ancient worlds beyond.

**Librarian Side Note** Another stellar review by another stellar teen reader!  I have not gotten a chance to read this yet, but after this review, I have moved it up my "to read" list!  The second book in this series just came out, so make sure to check it out ASAP!  Already read it and don't know what to read next??  Try the author's first series Fallen!  That is another epic love story that will blow you away.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Reviewed By: A.T.
Where to start... So the main character is named Theseus Cassio Lowood, but his friends just call him Cas. He, like his father before him, is a slayer of ghosts. With his trusty athame (a special knife), he travels around the world with his mother (he is only 16 after all!) dispatching ghosts that harm people. Where he sends them, he's not quite sure, but wherever they go, at least they can no longer hurt people who are alive. As soon as he finishes one ghost, it's off to the next. Receiving hints and leads from people all over the world, his next stop is Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada to stop the ghost known to locals as Anna Dressed in Blood. Right from the start, Cas can tell this one is different, but he won't realize how different until he is neck deep in hunt. Bringing in his new friends to help him is also something new to him, but luckily they are there to help him with Anna. But is Anna really the ghost that they need to stop?? Is the terror in Thunder Bay really all due to Anna, or is there some other sinister force at play?? Read the book to find out!
Why I Picked it Up: The cover is intriguing, and I haven't read a horror story in a while. Hilariously enough, I wanted to read something the complete opposite of a romance (since Valentine's day is coming up) and this actually turned out to be a Horror/Romance/Ghost story!
Why I Finished It: Had to know what the big deal was about! Would Cas be able to get rid of Anna? What about the ghost that killed his dad? Would all of his new friends survive the encounter?
I’d Give this Book To: I would recommend this to fans of horror, paranormal fantasy, and anyone looking for a good ghost story!

**Librarian Side Note** First in a series, I found this book to be a refreshing change on the paranormal romance story - a person and a GHOST! I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, called Girl of Nightmares, and yes, the Library does own it!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

Reviewed By: I.D.
Where do I start? Attack on Titan is based in a post-apocalyptic Earth (or post-titan). Basically, huge beings called titans sprung out of nowhere (no one knows where they came from). Titans are usually 15 meters and have an unquenchable hunger for humans (yup, they eat humans). Humanity tried fighting the titans, but failed, thus having to retreat behind 50 meter walls. Safe and sound? I don't think so. Suddenly, another titan (50 meters this time) lands on Earth in a giant explosion and breaks the wall. The story narrows down to Eren Jaeger and his adopted sister Mikasa as they join the Survey Corps, people specially trained to go outside the walls and fight the titans.
Why I Picked it Up: I picked up this book because my friends told me about the series. I also saw it on one of the Anime chat forums I go onto frequently.
Why I Finished It: I didn't really just finish it... I devoured it. As soon as I read the first letter of the title, I was into it and didn't stop until it was over.
I’d Give this Book To: I would recommend this book to anyone 12+.

**Librarian Side Note** This reviewer totally nailed Attack on Titan!  Like the reviewer, I heard about this through outside sources (i.e. the ANIMANGA CLUB!!  Thanks guys!!).  As soon as I started it I was hooked!!  The Library currently has the first 4 in the series, plus we will be getting the anime on DVD and BLU-RAY very soon!!  Did I mention all the spin off series too??  We will be acquiring the first few volumes in Attack on Titan: No Regrets and Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, so make sure to check the shelves for those titles too!  But don't take our word for it...pick it up today!

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Reviewed By: T.S.
Nora Grey is best friends with Vee Sky, and they sit next to each other in biology. But the seating chart changes and she's stuck sitting next to Patch. She demands to have the seating chart changed, but when she realizes something strange about Patch, she learns things are impossible. So, what's up with that weird upside down V on his back. And why is he always seen around her?
Why I Picked it Up: I needed a book to read.
Why I Finished It: It was interesting.
I’d Give this Book To: People who like fantasy novels.

**Librarian Side Note** Fallen angels...good guys or bad guys? There are several series out there now with fallen angels as the main characters and I must say, I am loving it, and this series was no exception! It's nice to have a break from werewolves and vampires, right? If you are interested in angels/fallen angels then try Fallen by Lauren Kate, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, or Angelfall by Susan Ee.  Did I miss one?  Then let me know!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed By: I.D.
Hatchet is about a kid who was on a plane to see his dad in Canada but crashes into a forest. Now, he must survive under extreme conditions such as wolves, cold, and more. A tornado hits, a moose attacks, how will this character survive? You find out by reading the book (because I can't give spoilers out). Also, Gary Paulsen is the author of Brian's Winter, Dogsong, and other survival books.
Why I Picked it Up: I picked up this book because one of the librarians at my local library recommended it to me.
Why I Finished It: I finished this book because, although the beginning was boring, the middle and end sections got intense.
I’d Give this Book To: I would recommend this book to any survival fans, Hunger Games fans, and adventure novel readers.

**Librarian Side Note** If you are into adventure tales, Gary Paulsen is where it's at! And bonus...his books are usually pretty short, so you can devour it in one setting, or one weekend, or however quickly (or slowly) you want! He has a ton of books out there like the reviewer mentioned, and Hatchet is actually just the first in a series about the main character from Hatchet!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Reviewed By: S.F.
Before Emi's brother departs for Europe to help out on a film crew, he loans his apartment to her for the summer under one condition: she must do something epic with it. While discussing what constitutes "epic," Emi and her friend Charlotte discover a letter from a dead movie star to an unknown woman. With her on-again-off-again relationship firmly in the "off" category, avoiding thinking about college, and still in search of something sufficiently epic, Emi and Charlotte decide to track down the woman in the letter. Between their summer jobs creating sets for local movies and the hunt for a truly awesome couch, Emi and Charlotte manage to fit in a little mystery and unconstrained excitement. Eventually, though, Emi has to decide what she loves more: the mystery or the people she meets along the way.
Why I Picked it Up: It was recommended on a book podcast and sounded interesting.
Why I Finished It: It was super fun! Emi has a really cool job I didn't know existed, so it was interesting to hear about set design and art management. I also really liked the characters and was rooting for them the whole time.
I’d Give this Book To: Anyone who wants a light, fun book. Bonus if you're interested in the story behind the movie. There is also a really cute love story, which I enjoyed a lot. A great antidote to reading too many dystopian books in a row!

**Librarian Side Note** This book has been on my "To Read" list since I ordered it for the Library! I'm so glad someone picked it up and reviewed it! If you like this author, you will be pleased to know she has other books out there, so make sure to check out her other titles, Disenchantments and Hold Still, too!

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